Can the Gradient Window Heat Pump Save the World?

Gradient Window Heat Pump
Can The Gradient Window Heat Pump Save The World? 7

Tree Hugger declares that the Gradient window heat pump may be a revolution in heating and cooling, while Time lists it as one of the best inventions of 2022. So we thought it was time we took a look to see what all the fuss was about. 

In this post we’ll explore one of the biggest barriers to heat pump adoption – the fact that millions of American don’t own their own homes – and look at one of the solutions to that problem, the adoption of window heat pumps. 

And yet, even that solution has one big disadvantage. Window heat pumps, just like window air conditioners, are ugly and block sunlight from coming into the home. And since window heat pumps heat as well as cool, that light blocking can last all year, not just a few weeks in the height of summer.

The gradient window heat pump solves that problem with an ingenious design that turns a functional metal box into a stylish appliance that sits below the window sill, rather than on it. And meets all of your heating and cooling needs while still allowing you to enjoy the sunlight.

The Heat Pump Problem

One thing is becoming more apparent as we continue the fight against climate change: we’re going to need a lot of heat pumps – billions of them! But there are two problems.

1. Heat pumps as most people envision them require an HVAC professional to install them

2. Millions of people who don’t own their own homes are not good candidates for installing heat pumps.

Solving these two problems will be essential in the fight against climate change because, until we do, tens of millions of people around the world will be excluded from one of the most important tools we have in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Window Heat Pumps

Enter the window heat pump, a stand alone appliance that does not need to be professionally installed since it fits in a window frame just like a window air conditioner. They also heat your home, as well as cool it, so they’re both a winter and summer solution to reducing emissions.

Window heat pumps are ideal for renters because they don’t require major alterations to the home nor permission to install from your landlord. And, when the lease on the apartment is up, you can just pack up your window heat pump with all of your other belongings and move it to your next home.

Window Heat Pump 1
Can The Gradient Window Heat Pump Save The World? 8

So it would seem that the window heat pump is the ideal choice for the millions of renters and apartment dwellers who want to do their part to fight climate change but can’t install a regular heat pump.

But there’s a catch.

The Problem With Window Heat Pumps

As anyone who has brought out the air conditioners for summer will tell you, it’s a bit of a chore. They’re heavy and cumbersome to carry, a pain in the neck to install and, while they do cool the room down in the summertime, they’re really quite ugly and make the room considerably darker.

That’s because they can block as much as half the daylight that is coming into the room through that window. In a bedroom that you only use at night, that’s a reasonable trade-off. In a living space that you use more in the daytime, it’s okay for a couple of months in the high summer, but not ideal for a year-round solution.

Oh, and window air conditioners and heat pumps are also pretty noisy. With the compressor and the fan all contained in one unit that sits inside your window frame, there’s usually going to be enough noise coming out of your window heat pump that you may have to turn the TV up a little.

Again, not a deal breaker if it’s only for a few weeks in the height of summer, but far from ideal once football season rolls around.

The Gradient Window Heat Pump

As a solution to this aesthetic challenge, the Gradient window heat pump offers a compelling choice for those looking to decrease their carbon footprint while enjoying improved comfort and unobstructed views.

Instead of having the “block of metal” design of a traditional window heat pump or air conditioner, the gradient heat pump’s design is more like that of a saddle that hangs over the windowsill, with the noisy compressor on the outside of the house and the quieter fan on the inside.

Gradient Window Heat Pump 3
Can The Gradient Window Heat Pump Save The World? 9

The two sides are connected by a stylish plate that can double up as a small shelf, coffee table or just somewhere to place your cell phone. Since that plate is the only part of the machine that rests on the windowsill, the Gradient window heat pump allows the window to let in the sunlight as intended, rather than blocking off half of the window.

How does the Gradient window heat pump work?

The technology behind heat pumps isn’t new? In fact, you likely have been using a form of this technology in your home for years. To help understand what a heat pump is and does, just imagine a refrigerator.

A refrigerator cools the food inside by pushing warm air through a compressor to cool it down , sending the cool air back inside and warm air out of a vent in the back. In other words, moving warm air from the inside to the outside.

Even when the inside of the fridge is cold, there’s still more heat to extract from the cool air, which continues to be pushed out of a vent at the back

Now envision that refrigerator being the size of a room! A bigger compressor can take warm air out from your home, compressing it to cool it down and then pushing it back inside while venting the hot air outside. That’s exactly how an air conditioner works.

Now imagine that you could reverse the entire process, so that your home is being warmed instead of cooled, with cold air being vented outdoors. By having one electric-powered machine capable of cooling in summer and heating in winter, you will no longer need to rely on oil or natural gas to heat your home.

The gradient window heat pump takes this entire process and presents it in the most stylish cooling/heating device on the market.

Gradient Windo Heat Pump 1
Can The Gradient Window Heat Pump Save The World? 10

Advantages of the Gradient Window Heat Pump

There are several advantages that the Gradient window heat pump has over not only regular window heat pumps but also over conventional wind air conditioners.


The Gradient heat pump uses R32 (Difluoromethane) as a refrigerant, but it’s eyeing a cooler future. It’s ready to run on R290 (propane), which has a much lower global warming potential.

  • R32: It’s a popular refrigerant in many AC systems today. It’s kinder to the environment, but still contributes to global warming with a g;obal warming potential (GWP) of 675.
  • R290: Also known as propane, this natural hydrocarbon has an incredibly low GWP of just 3. It’s not only better for our planet, but also makes the Gradient heat pump even more efficient. The switch to R290 depends on regulatory approval.

Noiseless Operation

Say goodbye to annoying AC noises. The external compressor keeps things quiet, so you can enjoy peace and quiet inside the room.

Sleek Design

Let’s face it, window air conditioners are ugly. Heat pumps aren’t much prettier. The Gradient window heat pump’s compact size won’t block your view or cramp your style. It’s perfect for modern homes.

Gradient Window Heat Pump 2
Can The Gradient Window Heat Pump Save The World? 11

Heat as Well as Cool

Like any modern heat pump, the Gradient window heat pump has the ability to heat a room as well as cool it. When employed for both heating and cooling, it can reduce the carbon footprint of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) by as much as 75%.

Easy to Install

One of the biggest drawbacks of standard heat pumps is that they can be expensive to install, usually requiring a professional installer. The gradient wIndow heat pump, on the other hand, can be installed by just about anyone with a screwdriver in about 15 minutes.

This video explains how to do it.

Installing A Gradient Window Heat Pump
Can The Gradient Window Heat Pump Save The World? 12

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to decarbonize your home, The Gradient Heat Pump has got you covered with sustainable and efficient heating and cooling capabilities.

With its patented features and easy installation, this innovative system is perfect for all types of homes, but particularly for renters and apartment dwellers..

And the best part? You can be environmentally conscious while staying comfortable and stylish.