The Best Two-Burner Induction Cooktop of 2023

An Image Of A 2 Burner Induction Cooktops With An Induction Ready Pan On Top.
The Best Two-Burner Induction Cooktop Of 2023 7

If you’re intrigued by the idea of an induction stove but you’re not quite ready to completely ditch your gas stove just yet, a two-burner induction cooktop is a great interim appliance. It’ll give you all the benefits of an induction stove at a fraction of the cost.

What’s more, you’ll be able to learn the subtle nuances of induction cooking over time without having the stress of, say, having to cook a big family dinner on a new appliance that you’re not used to.

In this article, we’ll explain what induction stoves are and how they work, and we’ll review some of the best two-burner induction cooktops on the market. We’ll also give you some tips on what to look for when shopping for an induction stove. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or just looking to compare different models, we’ve got you covered. Read on.

What is an induction stove?

An induction stove is a type of cooking surface that uses electromagnetic energy to create heat, rather than thermal conduction, which gas electric stoves use.

Induction burners have an electromagnetic coil beneath a ceramic surface. When the burner is turned on, an electric current runs through the coil, creating a fluctuating magnetic field.

While this magnetic field generates no heat on the ceramic surface itself, iron or stainless steel pots and pans that are placed on the surface will get hot because the magnetic field induces lots of smaller electric currents in the pan’s metal.

And because iron does not conduct electricity very well, much of the energy from these small electric currents is converted into heat.

So with induction cooking, the heat is coming directly from the pan, rather than from the burner underneath the pan. And the heat spreads evenly throughout the pan so you’re less likely to have hot spots, where food burns because it has greater exposure to the heat source below.

And, once you remove the pan, an induction cooktop cools off faster than a conventional burner, because it was only hot from contact with the pan.

Advantages of a Two-Burner Induction Cooktop?

Just about anyone can benefit from having a portable induction cooktop. Even if you don’t cook on it every day, it’s great for keeping food warm for a party, or for creating meals at the table such as a hot pot.

And for cooks who are concerned about climate change, induction cooktops give us many of the benefits of cooking with gas without the environmental or air quality concerns. Induction cooking is also 20% more energy-efficient than using a conventional electric stove and 70% more energy-efficient than cooking with gas.

The great benefit of a portable induction cooktop is that it offers the benefits of induction cooking without the high cost of a full-induction stove.

Why a two-burner induction cooktop rather than a single burner? Because a two-burner model could conceivably replace your gas or electric stove for most of your cooking needs. While a single-burner model could be used to boil some pasta or make scrambled eggs for breakfast, a two-burner model is enough to make dinner most weeknights.

Disadvantages of a Two-Burner Induction Cooktop?

The main disadvantage of induction stoves is that they are typically more expensive than either gas stoves or conventional electric ones. Induction stove prices start at about $1,000 and go all the way up to several thousand dollars. Meanwhile, you can typically buy a gas stove for about $500.

A portable induction stove is much cheaper than either, and a twin-burner induction stove is not only cheaper, but comes close to meeting all of your day-to-day cooking needs. That’s why we recommend it as a good interim appliance while you either save up or wait for your old stove to die.

Another issue is that you need to make sure you use the correct cookware. It is the fact that iron is a poor conductor of electricity that makes the pots and pans heat up in the magnetic field. Copper and aluminum, being much better conductors, never can get hot enough to cook.

A good rule of thumb for whether your cookware is induction compatible: If a magnet sticks to it, it’s good for induction cooking.

Finally, one issue that is unique to two-burner induction cooktops is that the total wattage is divided between the two burners so you can’t use both burners simultaneously at full power.

Instead, you can use one burner at 80% power while the other is at 20%, or one at 60% while the other is at 40%, and so on. This is usually perfectly fine if you’re using one burner to cook, say, a stir-fry at an extremely high temperature while the other side is used for the relatively low-heat task of boiling water for the noodles.

Things to Look For When Buying a Portable Induction Cooktop

Portable Induction cooktops provide many features, many of which you’ve never had to take into consideration before, so it can feel a little overwhelming trying to decide which ones you should be looking for. This is particularly true if you’ve never cooked on one before.

How do you know if the ability to maintain a temperature as low as 100 degrees is something you’re going to need?

  • A well-designed control panel
  • Compact size and lighter weight
  • A timer that runs for at least three hours
  • A warranty of at least one year
  • Stability
  • Temperature accuracy

The Best Two-Burner Induction Cooktops of 2022?

Now that you know all about double burner induction cooktops, let’s take a look at five of the best models on the market.

Our top Pick

Duxtop 9620LS

The Duxtop 9620LS double burner induction cooktop deals with the issue of wattage splitting by having two burners, one of which offers 20 different power and temperature settings, and is good for extremely high-temperature cooking, while the other offers 10, which is ideal for less complex cooking tasks such as cooking rice or pasta.

Since it is quite rare that you’ll need to cook two things simultaneously at high temperature, this works out perfectly well once you get used to it.

This model (as well as its single-burner cousin, the Duxtop 9600LS) is one of the most popular on the market simply because of those 20 temperature and power settings. They give you the most flexibility when it comes to adjusting heat levels, which means you can cook pretty much anything well.

It has a sleek and modern design, it’s easy to use, and it’s very affordable.

Top Features:

  • 20 preset levels so you can select the perfect one for your needs
  • Built-in 3-hour automatic timer
  • 1800 watts of power
  • Easy Cleaning Glass Surface
Our Pick
True Induction

True Induction Portable Double Burner Induction Cooktop

The True Induction Portable Double Burner Induction Cooktop is a two-burner induction cooktop that is perfect for small kitchens or for people who like to travel. It has two burners with 10 power settings each, giving you plenty of options for cooking.

Top Features:

  • Power-Invariance Technology
  • Built-in Safety Functions
  • Quick Touch Level Selection
  • Exact Temperature Settings
  • Timer Setting
Our Pick
Cuisinart Ict 60P1 Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart ICT-60P1 Double Induction Cooktop

The Cuisinart ICT-60P1 Double Induction Cooktop is a two-burner induction cooktop that is perfect for small kitchens or for people who like to travel.It has two burners with 10 power settings each, giving you plenty of options for cooking.

The one downside of this cooktop is that it doesn’t have flexibility when it comes to the number of temperature settings.

Top Features:

  • Enjoy precise, even heating – no hot spots.
  • Two burners feature adjustable heat settings and precise timers.
  • Heat shuts off automatically within 30 seconds after cookware is removed.
  • Compatible only with induction-ready cookware (e.g., cast iron, 18/10 stainless steel).

Avantco IC18DB Double Countertop Induction Range

Our Pick
Avantco Ic18Db Double Countertop Induction Range

Avantco IC18DB Double Countertop Induction Range

This low-budget portable induction cooktop is an excellent choice for any light-duty application that requires an extra burner. It can also compete with other countertop ranges in terms of performance, heating up to temperature at lightning speed.

It’s compatible with induction-ready cookware that has a bottom diameter between 4 3/4″ and 10 1/4″.

Each burner has its own 180-minute timer, which allows you to set the cooking time for separate items and do other tasks while you wait!

The IC18DB has a total of 1800 watts of cooking power, with the left burner offering 1000 watts and the right burner offering 800 watts.

Top Features:

  • 1800 watts of power
  • Individual 3-hour timers for each of the burners
  • Temperature range from 140-460 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lockable keypad prevents settings from being changed
Our Pick
The Nuwave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop

NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop

This cooktop offers great features and performance. It has two burners with 10 power settings each, giving you plenty of options for cooking..

While it can be used with most steel pots and pans, cast iron will give you the best results. The cooktop also features a built-in timer, so you can easily keep track of your cooking times. The glass surface is easy to clean, and the cooktop itself is very affordable.

Top Features:

  • Temperature range from 100F to 575F
  • 94 different temperature settings
  • 6 different pre-programmed temperature settings
  • 2 hour “Keep Warm” feature (155F)

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. These are five of the best double burner induction cooktops on the market. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or a top-of-the-line model, there’s sure to be a cooktop that meets your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking with an induction stove today!